Where to buy Ball Bearings?

Do any of you guys know where we can get some open ball bearings like the ones supplied in the kit? The kit has 8, but we need 12.

Shaft Size= 1/2" and the Outer Dia= 1 1/4"

Is there a FIRST “endorsed” site that will supply us with more of these bearings? If not do you know of anywhere where I could get them relatively cheap?


I don’t believe there is a FIRST endorsed site that will sell you more of these bearings. However a wonderful industrial supplier named mcmaster does.

Just head on over to http://www.mcmaster.com and do a search for ball bearings. They’ll have what your looking for. The only issue is that they have many, many different options. In general the cheapest bearing will probably be good enough for FIRST robots but I’d also suggest going over the options with a mentor. I’ve ordered bearings a number of times from them and i’m still not sure what is ideal.

Hope that helps.

Tried it earlier. Unfortunately, they don’t carry the right size :frowning:
Whenever they do have the right size it always is flanged (with that little rim around the bearing).

I need pretty much the EXACT same ones found in the kit (size and shape wise)…

Thanks for trying though!

You can purchase the AM wheel with bearings in it from AndyMark.
If you send AM an email, you probably can purchase the bearings individually if you wanted.