Where to buy Buy FRP in AZ?

Anyone know where to get Glasliner FRP in Arizona? Does Home depot or Lowes carry it?

both lowes and home depot in indy has it.
it is in the paneling / wall board section, about $28 / 4x8 sheet

Chris, can this stuff be rolled up (like a poster) small enough diameter-wise to fit in the back of a 4-door car do you think? Is it that flexible? :yikes:

it is very flexible, almost folded in half carrying it in the wind…

it might roll up into an 18" - 24" diameter.

we have a meeting tonight (in a few hours), i will check it out and post later.

Fredi, we found what I think is the right stuff at Home Depot. The panels at Lowe’s seem to be a different brand and texture.

I had the same experience as Jim did. In Connecticut each panel was 32.47 at Home Depot. A different brand was 32.97/sheet at Lowe’s.

If you think you have problems, in Israel this product is simply not sold; bathrooms are constructed from concrete and ceramic tiles.

In the US, it is common to have grafitti in public restrooms, so this type of material is becoming common.


We got a 4’ x 8’ sheet from home depot at ~$32

Thanks Jim!

We found the same thing thing, a 4x8 sheet at Home Depot for around $32. Couldn’t find it at the Lowe’s we went to.

If you’re looking for the balls also we’ve only had success with WalMart, we’ve managed to get 9 including the one in the kit after trying four WalMarts. Pending FIRST announcements its going to take the balls of every team to have enough to effectively run Duel or any other practice competition effectively.