Where to buy custom gearboxes for WCD's

I recently read a thread about West Coast Drive, and someone mentioned that it’d be better to use a custom gearbox for a West Coast Drive, but my team has no experience with making custom gearboxes, and not enough time in the current build season time to make gearboxes and a robot. We don’t meet as often during the off season, and rarely during school brakes. Does anybody know where we can find gearboxes that work for West Coast Drive, or how to mod the given ones to a West Coast Drive?


P.S. It’a not that we don’t want to build our own gearboxes, but we don’t have the time/know-how/parts to build them. We are planning on getting some workshops in for the coming year, since all of our mechanics graduated, and they were the only ones who ever built custom gearboxes.

by definition, if you buy it, it’s not custom.

Well, if you don’t meet so often, then start meeting more often. Off-season is a wonderful time to do community outreach, test out ideas you don’t have time for in regular season, and generally bond with the team. It’s a much better time to do bonding in off season rather than when you’re stressing over a robot. Back to the topic, use an old gearbox from a past season, meet at someone’s house, and just work on learning the gearbox. Then machine some parts for a new custom gearbox. And, of course, put together the new gearbox.

To answer your question plain and simple, I know 221 systems sells them.

I don’t believe 221 sells gearboxes…

AndyMark is the place to go to buy gearboxes. I’m sure you’ll be able to find one that will suit your needs.

They sell parts in which to mount the guts of an AM shifting gearbox to mount on their frame rails.

If you get the SS’s or Toughboxes with long shafts, you can use them in a WCD quite nicely. Due to the ratios available for SS’s, it would be best to use 6 or 8" wheels because SS’s have optimized ratios for those wheel sizes. Toughboxes have ratios available which can be used with 4" wheels as well.

Ah, but if you make modifications to an off-the-shelf unit to meet your specific needs, would that not make it custom?


and it comes with all the gears ect.

Has anyone tried these out? I would really like to use this slimmer footprint in my sheetmetal CADs.

Has anyone tried these out? I would really like to use this slimmer footprint in my sheetmetal CADs.

There are several pictures of the SS Adapter in our media page.


frc3098 used them this year in conjunction with a Rock Box Chassis.

Yeah, I saw the pictures, they look really nice. My question was mainly whether or not people found them to be reliable, easy to put together, etc.

Someone else will have to give an unbiased answer…

That said, our SS Adapter Kit utilizes all of the original AM SS components. We have simply replaced the outside plates and housing with custom aluminum plates.

We also substitute an AM long key shaft for our purposes.

It comes disassembled, so ease of use compared to a stock SS may be slightly lower. :slight_smile: