Where to buy Globe motors?

Sadly our Globe motor started to fail on us as we shipped it out, but we are having difficulty in finding replacements.

IFIRobotics does not have it listed under either section of the store, and a search for the model number (409A587) turns up nothing, even at the manufacturer’s website.

Anyone know where extras can be purchased?

The globe motors are not commercially available, so you won’t find them for sale anywhere.

Spare Parts at the SBPLI Regional will have spares you can trade a damaged motor in for.

The other option is to get spares by trading or asking local teams who aren’t using them. Ms. Temps can send out an emial to all the local team leaders. Unfortunately, we’re using our two already.

you can order them at this site:
if it doesn’t work IM me using AIM my sn is samchauuu
or email me: [email protected]