Where to Buy SuctionCups

Hi, this is the captain of team 6422. We are interested in integrating suction cups into our robot design and couldn’t find to any resources to purchase them from. We found a lot of websites such as Piab and Anver but they only give quotes which take days to receive so we can’t even look at the prices. Any other teams out there who have had success with suction cups and would like to share where you sourced them from it would be much appreciated.

  • Jen c:

eBay has them, though it may be difficult to use them and calculate Fair Market Value

Try this. A plunger might suffice as well. You could also try your local hardware stores as well. Hope this helps!

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There is a hand pump plunger called the Plunge-It that looks like it would work really well, a Robot en 100h team used that.

Inventables.com has suction cup tape, and you have a $100 coupon via the virtual kit too