Where to buy tanks?

We are looking for more storage tanks, for our bot. Any recommendations and places to order them?


Great storage tanks with various sizes. We have used them many times for our air storage.

I did a double-take when I saw the title of this thread. Then I thought I’d find a link suiting the title.


Who knew tanks were that readily available?

Ya you can buy them but they aren’t able to fire anything if you ship it to the US

Lookig at that supplier, can’t seem to find a tank that is bigger then 16inch^3 we are looking for just about the biggest think we can stick in. And suggestions?

what’s the legality of a portable air tank for sports balls? they’re usually around a cubic foot

You can get 2005-2009 Sized Tanks from AndyMark. http://www.andymark.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=am-0845

If you want something larger, I know that McMaster has some decent sized Portable Air Tanks, though they might be a bit overkill for a robot.

Yeah we ended up getting an 1 gallon tank off McMaster B-)
232 inch^3 of air for a total of 263 inch^3.
We are using the 2x24inch cylinders for a forklift so overkill is good.


If memory serves me right, a 2x24 Cylinder operating at 60psi will drain the entire maximum air capacity of a pre-2011 robot in one Cycle. (Extend & Retract) Now I see why you need so much air.

Yes, we ordered from McMaster today and got our 1gal tank the same day :open_mouth:
After plugging everything up that tank + the one they gave us in the KOP took 5:42mins to fully fill from the tiny compressor they gave us lol.
However this will provide us enough air and then some for a 2:15 match. Also we are running the system at about 40 PSI.