Where to buy the Keyang motors...

I’ve searched the manual, the tips and practices document, and KOP pdf’s as well as searched here on CD for the past 30 minutes and I’m either not looking in the right place, am stupid, or just too darned tired… But, I can’t find where we can order the Keyang motors from…

Does anybody know where we can buy the Keyang motors?

My guess would be a car dealership…but which one, and what car you ask for a motor to fit, is a challenging question.


You searched in all the correct places, but you’re not going to find any info on those motors. Those motors were donated to FIRST as a single batch, without any provision for ordering more. I believe they were donated a few years ago, hence the lack of any information on them.

Why FIRST doesn’t have (at least) a contact name at the supplier is beyond me. However, I did find this link to what I believe is our supplied motor.

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I guess I could take one of the motors down to the local salvage yard and ask Red if he recognizes it…

I bet they have them here: http://bbb-carb.com/window_motors.htm
It’s just hard to find it, does anyone know what model they were used in?

you can find them here. http://www.keyang.co.kr/english/product_detail_motor_e.asp?l_code=05&m_code=E0200000&s_code=E0201000&p_code=E0201004 They are Korean brand and i don’t know how to order off the website.

Just to back up Ben’s post: http://forums.usfirst.org/showthread.php?t=2487