Where to download WindRiver?

Last year our programmer left the team (Graduated) and now i have taken on the programming role but in the past we used labview and since im used to the C-Style Syntax languages we are going to be using C++ but i cant seem to find where to download WindRiver or the Libraries for FRC. could someone please post some links to these or what i need to do to acquire them? thanks.

Use this link, and if you need anything else let me know…


You will need the LabVIEW and WindRiver installation CDs (or DVDs) provided with the KOP. Check with local teams or your Regional Director if you cannot locate your team’s copy.

You need install LabVIEW software as well as the WindRiver package and update appropriately to create and load code onto your robot for competition.

Follow the instructions in the link below carefully:


Yea, you need the instillation disk.

Is there any way to order a new copy of one from FIRST right now?

You might ask Icarus (team 2081 at Notre Dame High School) if you can borrow theirs.