Where to find 2009 Kit of Parts Solenoids?

Our kit did not come with any and I cannot seem to find last year’s solenoids on the FESTO site. Does anyone know of a place where I can find a place to order the solenoid valves from this year’s Kit of Parts? Thanks.

Unfortunately, the deadline to get those parts from FIRST as a replacement has passed (your first option). However…

It’s a FESTO valve, and the KOP checklist has a part number. I think it’s the wrong one, though. If someone has the FESTO part number, it shouldn’t be too hard to find it.

The Festo valve is a special production run for FIRST only.
It isn’t a standard Festo product.

FIRST and Festo will have to work out a distribution channel if they have extras to sell.

Does anyone know how to get another FESTO solenoid? Both the one we got in our kit of parts and one we got from another team (-> both from the 2009 KOP) we tested, and neither of them work.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

We had this happen and have been ordering FESTO solenoids for the past six years, if you have the option, use the SMC single or double solenoids. You can get those from your local Fastenol or go to smc’s site. But if you really want FESTO solenoids, you have to call up FESTO and they will help you out. The SMC ones are way better and way more durable. We changed all our FESTO’s out for SMC’s over the offseason on our 5 bots that use pneumatics.

One thing people have found this year is that some of this year’s solenoids don’t follow the published wiring instructions.
Try wiring to pins 1&2, and if that doesn’t work try pins 1&3.

Do you have the part number of SMC solenoid valves that meet the max Cv of 0.32 requirement?

Any of the SMC SY3000 series are under the 2010 rules Cv requirement.

Do not get the SY5000 series. They are all above the legal .32 Cv

Oddly enough the Festos are not rated in Cv, but in something like ml/s. That’s not going to be documentable for an inspector.

P.S. I didn’t notice on my Blackberry how old this thread was…

FESTO rates their valves in L/min. They also state that they test at 6 bar inlet, 5 bar outlet (from their website: https://www.festo.com/cms/en-us_us/4294.htm#id_10037).

Based on this, and the calculation for Cv (e.g. http://www.swagelok.com/tools/CV_calculator.aspx), I’d calculate a Cv of 0.39 for their CPE10 valves, which are rated at 350 L/min. So, unfortunately, these would be illegal. However, the VUVG valves are rated at 340-380 L/min, so technically, they’d be illegal too, but, by this GDC response (http://forums.usfirst.org/showthread.php?t=14428), since they came in the KOP, they’re legal. Unfortunately, you can’t get new VUVG valves in short order, unlike the CPE10 valves, which ship next day…!

I’ve asked FESTO for official documentation of Cv at 60 psi supply, but haven’t heard back yet.

For future reference, does anyone see a flaw in this logic, or have past experience that this level of documentation is insufficient to prove Cv?

(For reference: http://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/flow-coefficients-d_277.html)

Cv = q [SG (T + 460)]1/2/ 660 pi         (5)
q = free gas per hour, standard cubic feet per hour (Cu.ft/h)
SG = specific gravity of flowing gas gas relative to air at 14.7 psia and 60oF
T = flowing air or gas temperature (oF)
pi = inlet gas absolute pressure (psia)

I wonder, based on the wording of the GDC response, if only the (1) Festo valve, having come in the KOP, would be legal, not additional ones.
It seems a good choice for a pneumatic kicker.

Your conversion seems reasonable and as long as you bring the calculations, I expect you’d pass inspection with any Cv .32 or under.

The Festo part number is 13026238. Last I heard, about a week ago they were out but that can change daily. Good Luck.

I should add, in testing that we did, a 2" bore, 8" stroke Bimba cylinder was noticeably faster to extend (~20%?) using the FESTO valve vs. a 2009 KOP SMC SY3000-series valve.

Are you sure on that part number? To me, it looks like it’s 566475 (VUVG-L10-B52-T-M7-1P3).

Unfortunately, we wanted to order some 3-position valves as well, and manifold mount the whole thing. PN 566476 (VUVG-L10-P53C-T-M7-1P3) is the matching 3-position valve, rated at 300-320 L/min (Cv = 0.34-0.36) - so it’s not KOP, and it’s not legal :frowning:

That’s the part number for last year’s plastic Festo valve.

You might have confused it with
13075370 which is the whole 24v Festo kit (solenoid, connectors, fittings), not just the valve alone.

Just to wrap this up, here is the response I received from FESTO on using their CPE10 valves (e.g. CPE10-M1BH-5/3G-M7-B, CPE10-M1BH-5J-M7):

“The valves you are requesting are only tested with flows at 6 bar (90psi) and at 90 psi they are right on the 0.32 Cv. They are our compact series and designed for industrial settings, that is why the 90 psi test. The connectors you specify (QSM-M7-1/4-I-U-M) will be correct for your application. As for the cables a part number for the 2.5 meter cable is 193687 KMYZ-9-24-2.5-LED-PUR-B. The coil is not polarity sensitive so it will not matter the connection direction.”

This is counter to the equations above, but is an e-mail from their tech support documentation enough? :slight_smile: