Where to find a Gyro and Accelerometer Sensor Board for 2010 FRC?

I need a Gyro and Accelerometer board for 2010 FRC robot and it came missing in our kit. Does anyone have an extra or know where to buy it from?


The answer is found on the FIRST Website. Look at the bottom of this page:

To help you get to the necessary document, here is a direct link:

OK, so I must be blind. The “Where to get more” spreadsheet just lists digikey.com as the source, and the sensor manual lists the part number as PN ADW22307 - an item not found in digikey’s database. Digikey did have some Analog Devices gyros, but those were individual chips and didn’t include the sensor board with filtering and temperature compensation. Any clues where the kit board can be found beyond what is listed? Thanks

In the past, the kit sensors have not been available for purchase, which is part of the reason we’ve never used them. My guess based on the where to get more spreadsheet, that the same thing is true this year.

You can get similar gyros from sparkfun: http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/categories.php?c=85, or with a little more work you can use a analog devices evaluation board. Last year we used the Analog Devices ADXRS610 http://search.digikey.com/scripts/DkSearch/dksus.dll?Cat=2622557&k=adxrs610

Correct, the kit sensors are not available for purchase. Also, the deadline to report missing KOP items was last Wednesday.