Where to find good sheds and cabinets for robo-rooms

Does anybody know of any good place where we could get some useful, durable storage sheds and cabinets. Any links or specific models are appreciated. Cabinets on wheels also welcome!

Also, we’d appreciate it of we didn’t have to pay 3.5 million dollars to get it, if you know what I mean!

Thanks! :smiley:

http://www.pods.com/ not sure if this would be helpful to you

I say make the cabinets with the team as an exercise. However, Home Depot, Lowes, Sears, or your local hardware stores should help you guys out. I’d say take a few students on a day trip and see what you guys could get. Sounds like a fun idea to me haha.

It’s a great idea, and thanks for your contribution, but we’d prefer store our things in our robotics room if possible. Thanks anyways!

You could get a toolbox like this:


A good brand for these types of toolboxes is Craftsmen.

Our team has a couple different types of storage devices.

  1. We have large storage cabinets that really hold all of our parts (this includes spares, VEX parts, FRC parts, etc).
  2. We have toolboxes that Techhexium linked you too for tools.
  3. At competitions/in the workroom we use taller versions of these to hold batteries, screw boxes, and storage for backpacks/jackets/etc.
  • Sunny G.

This is currently the best value in a tool chest. Much better than Craftsman. It is also available in black, and often goes on sale (coupon) for $359.

If you’re looking for top quality drawers such as those often found in high-end production shops and labs, take a look at Lista and Stanley Vidmar.

You might try posting over on Garage Journal. Lots of folks knowledgeable in such things.

For small parts/hardware storage, 968 has about 30 of these they’ve used for several years.

You can ratchet-strap a full 4 foot stack of them to a hand truck and wheel it into the competition. Or put them in the plastic crates. Two of them fit nicely side by side in the standard FIRST KOP crates, and you can get I think 4 tall in there.

We have about 60 of them containing all of our standard parts, spares, fasteners, etc… they’re great!