Where to find LEDs patterns/sequences to use in code

We look into using LEDs on our robot this year using WPILib’s new AddressableLED class. We intend to use the lights mainly for markings for the drivers, but we also wanted some cool sequences between matches.
Is there a place we can find pretty, premade patterns/sequences for LEDs to use in our code? I’m taking about something similar to the beautiful LED sequences Team 16 has shown for quite some time now.
(They don’t have to be FRC-specific, as I believe we can port them over into our code.)


These are pretty fun! https://github.com/atuline/FastLED-Demos

Our Photon Guide (made before WPIlib added LED support) has some animations you can use. If we don’t get around to it this build season we will likely update our library to work with the WPILib support at some point in the summer.

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