Where to find list of Detroit Conferences?

Anyone know where to find the Detroit Conferences list for the World Championship? It would be nice especially if this was in a printable format.

I know FIRST is pushing use of the app, but nothing beats a good printed out schedule attached to my clipboard.

There should be downloadable schedule including conferences listed here.

“Should” seems to be the key word. Can you point me to where exactly you see it?

You can find here the full schedule. Make sure Detroit is selected in “Event location”. There you can filter all conferences in the “Program” menu. Than you can just print the webpage.

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Thank you, I didn’t link the right website.

Got it! Thank you.

I was definitely missing that I had to sort. Your directions were great!

Glad to help :slight_smile:. Enjoy your stay at Detroit!

Put together my own spreadsheet to share with my team and to print. Enjoy.


Thank you for this!

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Personally, I find printed lists for scheduling to be difficult to use… so I made this one:

1/2 day per page, color coded, calendar format. It makes it a lot easier to see/understand which items overlap, and might conflict with each other! Plus, it has the venue maps on it to help you orient yourself at the event.


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