where to find pool noodles -- online or in VT

hey, i’m pretty much the general henchman for my group, and i have been tasked to find the pool noodles as required for the bumper.

unfortunately, my results have yielded little, as a dynamic google search hasn’t given me anything with the exact specs, does anyone else know where i could find these?

I’m pretty sure that we buy our pool noodles at places like Wal Mart and then we cut them to the size that we need.

I could only imagine the look on a store clerks face when you ask for pool noodles in the middle of winter up north :eek: .

Heres one place i found but i have never ordered from there.


That must have slipped my mind. =]


Here is where we got ours…
We have two robots to build …

This place had a box of 15 delivered for $49.95
They got them to us in a reasonable amount of time.
(Seattle is no place to find pool noodles in January…:))


They were decent to work with and we had no problems.

This is about 3.33 each delivered.
Watch out for other online deals… cheaper noodles but the cost of shipping is really large.

thanks GOOD LUCK!!!

thank you very much everyone.