Where to find v4l-utils package for RoboRio

We are trying to control the exposure of our Microsoft lifecam, because we are using it for vision this year. We want to use the v4l2-ctl tool, but it is not on the rio. It is part of the v4l-utils package, but I am having trouble finding the right thing to put on the rio… can someone help?

Have you tried the exposure controls built into CameraServer?

Yes, we have been using those and they do not seem to work. What we have seen from other posts is that we need the v4l-utils package.

CameraServer uses V4L interfaces to change the settings. Have you tried connecting to the CameraServer web interface (http://roborio-X-frc.local:1181/ etc) and changing the settings there rather than from code (this will also give you an interactive view of the settings changes)?