Where to get 13T 20P 14.5 degree PA spur gear stock

I’ve checked the usual places (Small Parts, McMaster, Stock Drive) and they don’t have it. I haven’t checked Berg or Boston yet. Would Motion Industries or Applied industrial have it. Does anyone know? Thanks.

Seems like when we tryed to make the 116 tranny a few years ago applied dident have any gear stock. Your best bet might be to see if you can change the mating gear and use the 20degree that mcmaster has, they are ultra quick shipping too. FWIW Stock drive products could probally make you some, but it will be expensive and will probally take 2 weeks or better. Or if you could find someone with a CNC 4 axis mill and a gear cutter… (I say cnc to make it quicker it can be done with a manual mill)

I think Browning has them! :wink:

Browning NSS2013
14.5 Pressure Angle, 20 Diametral Pitch, 13 Teeth/Threads, MPBSPUR Gear

Style: SPUR
Pressure Angle: 14 1/2
Diametral Pitch: 20
Number of Teeth/Threads: 13
Type of Bore: MPB
Material: Steel
Minimum Bore: 0.3125

Images may not be an exact
representation of the product

Part No Description OD F H L PD
1210525 NSS2013 0.750 0.375 0.500 3/4 0.650



Sadly, sanddrag needs spur gear stock, not precut gears. If you’re still looking, Grob, Inc. says they stock some stuff. You might want to give them a call.