Where to get bearing locally

I’m looking for a bearing identical to the Small Parts brf-06. But I need it immediately. I think I know a place, but in case they don’t have it, are there any local chain stores that would have this size flanged bearing? What about Motion Industries. Does anyone know if they carry this size bearing. Or maybe Applied Industrial? 3/8" ID, 7/8" OD flanged.

Lucky for team 1345 that there is a place called “Florida Bearings” right across from the school. Check around your area, there should be a place where they sell hardwares and bearings.

I found this page very interesting…


You’re looking for a standard flanged R6 bearing. Any industrial supply store that carries bearings should have them; if you can survive without a flanged bearing, it should be easier still to find them.

I cleaned out the handful of 3/8"-bore flanged bearings (one of several sizes on hand) stocked at our local Ace Hardware. Admittedly, it is a freakishly-well-stocked Ace (they also carry grade 8 fasteners), but you might try a similar local vendor. McLendon’s hardware also carrys things like this, but that won’t do you much good unless you live in Washington. :slight_smile: Sorry. :frowning:

EDITED TO ADD: Dood! You’re in LA! If you can’t find bearings within 30 minutes of your house, I’ll fly down and go shopping with you. Grab the yellow pages and start dialing for parts tomorrow morning. I thought you were in some remote part of the country or the Valley or like that.

For the ones you got at Ace, were they the cheap junk ones or good ones?

We ran them on our prototype shooter and they worked OK, but we replaced them with non-flanged bearings on the production shooter. They are going to be used in our 500 RPM ball lifter application. One of our mentors is a manufacturing engineer who designs factory machines for a living, and says they are good for modest RPM applications. Overall, I would classify them as “cheap” but not “junk.” They were, IIRC, about $5 each instead of the $10-12 we paid for the better bearings we are using for the high-speed shaft on the shooting wheel.

I remember the frustrations of trying to find 3/8" and 1/2" ID Flanged Bearings from back when I was on 229. I recommended that IFI sell the ones we get for our wheels in kits (the bearings come with a set of our retainer hardware.

They are available on this page:

Are they flanged though? If so, and I order Monday night, is there any way I could get them by Wednesday afternoon?

Motion Industries does carry them. FR6-ZZ is flanged double shielded.


AndyMark sells these bearings as spare parts for the AM Shifter 2.



You can order these individually, for $5 each. Get the order in by noon your time, pick Express delivery, and I will make sure you get them via FedEx next day air. They can be yours tomorrow.

Andy B.

Try Mesa Bearing. I think they are in Huntington Beach area. Last year I talked to Bob and he got us some great deals on bearings.


Off topic, but I thought this was some good info on bearings in general: http://www.gizmology.net/bearings.htm