where to get gears

my team (1002) is in desperate need of a supplier of hubless spur gears, McMaster doesnt have them. nor does AndyMArk, we would prefer them to be available keyed (1/8" width x 1/16" depth. steel is also preferable. we need 12, 24 and 48 tooth…any ideas?

We have ordered gears from Motion industries. They have a large selection.



233 gets all our gears from stock drive products, same link cory gave above.
mike d

Try any of the following: www.sdp-si.com, www.wmberg.com, www.smallparts.com, and www.martinsprocket.com. You can also use Industrial search engines such as Thomas Registry, www.thomasnet.com and www.globalspec.com. I have used all these sources at one point in my career and each can be helpful depending on what pitch and pressure angles you are after. Good luck!

thanks for the help guys

What about AndyMark.Biz ?

Are you sure Andy Mark doesn’t have them ?

AM has gears, but not in the sizes he is looking for.

yes i have checked Andy-Mark.biz, NO they don’t have them.

Beware of ordering from Stock Drive!

I have just had a 2 week battle with them regarding a recent order, which I have still not received.

Their web ordering interface is inaccurate on whether something is in stock. If a partial shipment is delivered and the rest is backlogged out 6 weeks, they charge you a hefty restocking fee to return the partial order.

They can also be very slow to ship, and quite unresponsive as far as customer service is concerned. It took them 3 days to ship an order where everything was in stock, after several unanswered emails, ignored phone messages, and discussion with 5 different sales people. I finally had to pay for overnight delivery to be sure of getting it.

If you’re under a deadline, use another supplier.