Where to get pool noodles?

OK, I know the Arizona teams, the Australian team, etc. are all smirking reading this request. It’s a warm day here too - just above freezing. In the highly likely event that no team member has pool noodles just laying around in their garage, anyone have a reliable online source for pool noodles?


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It’s more than just pool noodles, but AndyMark sells a solution. You may be able to contact them and just get the noodles.


A quick search online found me some stuff, not sure what cheapest or best.


At least this might help you start your search. Also Amazon had some things as well.

We always get ours at Walmart.

I’ve just checked with AndyMark. They don’t sell just the noodles. Good idea, though!

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pfft. Us Canadians have learned over the years to buy pool noodles in the fall, when stores are selling off their summer stock on sale. You can’t get pool noodles here in January :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks everyone! I have a source now without outrageous shipping. And as 1075guy said, we need to remember to buy ours when they’re on sale here. I just need to remember that robotics is a year-round sport and not slack off in the warm days of summer! :slight_smile:

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Admittedly, we’ve been in the same position as you before. We ended up having some team members who owned pools give up some of theirs.

None of our Wlamarts have them in stock. :frowning:
I found them online at http://www.poolcenter.com/pooltoys_noodles_water_logs.htm
I’m getting 6 for less than $18 and they take Purchase Orders :slight_smile:

I hope this is a good deal!

I found our pool noodles at the local Dollar General store. Of course I bought them in the summer :rolleyes:

We are getting ours from http://www.poolcenter.com/pooltoys_noodles_water_logs.htm