Where to get powercells

Andymark is still sold out is there any other place to get it.

You can order directly from the original supplier at a slightly higher cost. Or, ask local teams.

Who’s the original supplier

From the manual:

INFINITE RECHARGE is played with POWER CELLS. A POWER CELL is a yellow 7 in. (~18 cm)
diameter Medium Bounce Dino-Skin foam ball. The ball is made by Flaghouse (PN 1892 YEL) and sold by AndyMark (PN AM-4200).

As an aside, I’d recommend you read the manual all the way through. If you missed this, you may have missed other important rules.

Also, make sure you get Dino-Skin balls instead of some other type. From what I’ve heard, the skin is significantly stickier than other similar types of balls.

We ordered from Flaghouse and recieved our power cells in a couple days. Downside they are a couple bucks more expensive.

Be sure to get the yellow ones, just to be sure.

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