Where to get the metal from the chassis?

My team is in need of more of the pre-drilled, sturdy metal that is used for the chassis, where can I purchase this cheaply?

It is the metal the bumper is commonly mounted on

It’s available from AndyMark at http://www.andymark.biz/am-0205.html

http://andymark.biz is the only supplier for the C-base chassis.

You could also try to get the metal from a nearby team that isn’t using theirs, but you’ll still have to account for it as though you bought it from AndyMark.

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Thanks guys! And hopefully will see yall in Atlanta

Also, we need four of these, any way to get them cheaper?

You can order pieces individually through AndyMark. Not sure if you want 4 complete kits, or just some pieces from all 4 kits.

You can also try to call AndyMark and see if you can sweet talk them to give you a deal… You never know…

You could try asking local teams if they used the Kitbot chassis or not. You would still have to account for it at full price on your Bill of Materials but the team may be willing to give the parts to you, trade for spare parts you may have or sell them to you at a lower price.

Wait, so 18 dollars pays for all four pieces (rectangular chassis)?

Or just one?

Andymark or Stock Drive Parts maybe?

From the AndyMark website:

6 of these items come standard in the C-Base, but only 1 is shipped per item purchased

The pre-drilled c-channel is sold in individual pieces here. They also sell complete sets of the hardware for the c-bot chassis, minus wheels, transmissions, and chain.

You should check with other teams in your area, there is a good chance that teams that didn’t use the kit chassis would give you or sell you their unused channel.

Well if I wanted to search say ebay or something for this hardware, along what search terms would I use?

IE: “drilled aluminum?”

For the specific material you asked for, the search term is “C-Base”. For similar material, “kitbot chassis” might give more results. A good place for you to get results would be CD-Swap (at least one other person is also looking for the same thing).

Maybe if you gave some indication of why you want it, you might get answers you can use instead of the answers you seem to be rejecting.

Well its for a homemade robot. I am looking to rest a U shaped base of pine on it.
Heres a picture:

Obviously that doesn’t look sturdy
So I am going to drill said holes in the aluminum to make them sizable for the rods. And rest the wooden chassis on it. And slide two triangles on each side to nullify the vertical difference.

I said it was for our bot because I thought it would yield better results.

It will have a caster btw

Ah. You want aluminum extrusion, but not necessarily the C-base?

Your local metal supply place will probably have some form of aluminum tube/channel. I believe that that is what you’ll want.