Where to get this tape

One of my mentors and I found that gaffers tape can be used in place of reflective tape to put on our field. However, we cannot order this because the places we tried to order from will only ship orders of $25 or more. We are located in Edgewater MD and we want to know where we can get this tape locally. Any team that is close have any places?

Have you tried Lowes or Home Depot?

Theatre supply companies usually stock gaffers tape. There is probably one in your area. Or you can order it online.

Some industrial suppliers (e.g., Grainger) also carry gaffers tape.

For real Gaff Tape, $25 might get you two 2" wide rolls. It is expensive stuff, but worth it. There are places you can get it on-line cheaper but then you have to cover shipping too, so it works out to be about the same.

For teams in Southern California there is a store called FilmTools in “beautiful downtown Burbank” that carries it in just about any color.

Also check local DJ places (which might be more common than theater places)…

You can find it at Guitar Center

Is standard grey duct tape a suitable replacement?

Not really. Duct tape is shiny; gaffer’s tape is not. Beige masking tape would probably be closer.

For simple testing purposes, duct tape will be fine. Just don’t expect to be able to detect the gray gaffer’s tape with the same sensitivity adjustment on the sensor.

Gaffer’s tape is meant to be applied, and later removed, without leaving lots of sticky residue on surfaces. Duct tape is NOT like that – it will leave a nasty mess behind when you pull it up.

Your building’s facilities staff will probably not be happy if you put duct tape on the carpet.