Where to get two-pin connectors

I’m look to buy those cables that are like PWMs, but are 2-pins. Where can I get them? AndyMark doesn’t seem to sell them :frowning:

Try http://digikey.com, part number: WM2800-ND

You could cut off one connector of a PWM cable, but the best solution is to make your own. The best prices I’ve found are at www.hansenhobbies.com and we’ve used them many times. Terminals and housings are here. The economy wire here is just fine, no reason to buy the deluxe wire. Unfortunately they only have 3-conductor wire, you can either peel off one of the conductors or just wire you got from somewhere else. Make sure you use wire that meets the size requirements of the manual (24 AWG for most uses). The crimping tools are here, again, no reason to get the deluxe one, the economy one works great

Another vote for Hansen Hobbies. Team 95 has several Hansen Hobbies crimp sets floating around that we use to make custom cables of the right length.

If you need something quick and dirty to get yourself up and running, check out a junk PC. Many times they use these connectors for fans or to connect indicator lights to the mother board.