Where to insert new code?

I’m a little confused as to where to insert code of my own workings. It doesn’t help that I’m both new to programming and have information from about five different sources floating through my head that each say different things. :stuck_out_tongue: Any and all help will be much appreciated.

By the bye… the code I’m inserting is a limit code for one of our joysticks–it’s too sensitive for the job we need it to do.

Thanks in advance!



I knew that, but where exactly in user_routines? I’m trying to keep from messing up anything important, so should i put it directly into the default routine, before the user initialization, or … ? Where’s the best place?

In the Function Process_Data_From_Master_uP right below where it says /* Add your own code here. */

You know, that would make sense. I must’ve missed that line the first fifty times I’d read the code. :slight_smile: Thanks for that.

No Problem, Happy Programming.