Where to purchase blue banners

First impressions I believe is not making blue banners anymore. For our offseason event we give out blue banners to The winning Alliance. I know you can get mini ones but is there a place where you can get the full size blue banner like the ones that are handed out at official competitions?

There’s a section on the website awards page that says “purchase banners here” but all it says is “new vendor coming soon” and links you back to the main awards page. Not very helpful, but looks like something that’s in the works

Any decent local sign shop can make them substantially cheaper that purchasing them from FIRST.

Maybe but it takes special equipment to print it on the same fabric to that size format and have the ends sewn up. The previous vendor was charging a little less than $300 per

I know 118 got a custom one, could ask them.
Aside from that, event organizers of offseason comps?

Hello, organizer of an offseason event here. Here is the RFQ I use for banners, sent to my local sign shop:

Hi Dave, we are once again running our high school robotics tournament this fall and we’d love for you guys to produce our winner banners again (see last year’s Invoice INV-3080).

QTY 4 banners
13 oz vinyl scrim
Overall dimensions 3ft x 5ft
With 2" pole pockets welded on the top and bottom, no grommets

See updated artwork, attached as SVG and PDF

These would be needed by Wed Oct 25 (10 weeks)

Please let us know if you can do them! Thanks,


You’ll also need to dig up and supply the color specifications.

If you go directly to https://www.first4tees.net/ you’ll see that they’re closing shop. Thank you to First Impressions for the years of service!