Where to Purchase Current Sensor KIT??

We are planning on using more than the 2 current sensor kits given in this years parts. Where can we purchase the entire Kit which includes the PCB, the sensor, and the capacitor? If not, where can we find the PCB and the capacitor? What is the capacitance of the capacitor? We are able to find the IC sensor itself, but what about the other pieces and or entire kit.


Are the Allego ACS750SCA-075 current sensor chips available from one of the three approved electronics suppliers? I’ll admit that I haven’t looked. Where are you getting them? I’d like to get a few more, too.

As to the circuit board, you might be able to work something up with some perf board and sheet copper or aluminum.

The capacitor is a 150 uF tantalum, which should be readily available from Digi-key oe the other suppliers.

Bruce C.

Current sensor: $10 Newark InOne
The cap you should be able to find quite easily.
The PCB I don’t have with me but I’m pretty sure it has the manufacturer’s url printed on it.

The PCB has not been found…the current sensor is available from allegro-micro…but what about the Cap.? We know what kind it is and where to get it, but what voltage is it? 4vdc or 6.3vdc? (Specs from digikey) IS THE FULL KIT AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE? FIRST Knows, but why won’t they tell us!? :ahh:

hello, we to are looking for the pieces to the current sensor kit. we have tried the url on the board and still can’t find it. does anyone know where to get it or if anyone has asked first about it?

If no one knows where to get the Current PCB for the Allegro Current Sensor could you post a question to FIRST on where to get this???

I tried looking now for 2 hours for it no luck


One of my advisors e-mailed the company that made the PCB and they replied with a $12.50 price tag not including shipping just for the PCB and the minimum to buy is 2. :ahh: as stated before, the Hall Effect sensors are on the net along with the Tantalum 6.3vdc capacitors. So, in all, the price on 2 will be about $50-$60. Not cool! So if FIRST has any ties or strings they can pull, that would be great.

There are some white papers on how to build current sensors using OP Amps and either a length of wire, or there is another on just the voltage drop across the fuses, that have to be on the robot anyway. Look in the papers listing above.

I emailed the company of the PCB Board. They said that the board was $12.50 and that a minimum of two had to be ordered. This price does not include shipping.

What address did you e-mail??? More infomation would be apreciated.


I gave our mentor the information for the current sensor board “To e-mail UPE and tell them that we need the current sensor board for the ACS750SCA-075 and that we are a FIRST Team”

They ended up sending him to some other website.
To make a long story short we ended up with 8 current sensors and not 4 current sensors and 4 PCB.

Does someone have the exact infomation for the PCB??
Like who you e-mailed??
Person you contacted??
Part Number for the Board??
Any other information that may help??

Or do your team have extras?? We are willing to do almost anything for them.

I know the information on http://www.upe-inc.com What should we ask for??

The contact we used at UPE is John Sedlak [[email protected]].
For the current sensors, you can order them from Newark, $9.35, less the discount they offer for FIRST teams. Or you can request samples directly from Allegro.