where to purchase extra pots?

where to purchase extra pots?could some please help ;-))

radioshack or any store like that localy…

if you have a big electronics suprlus store those are great too…

digikey or any of the online electronics stores

all of these should have 100k pots

Radioshack sells (really bad) pots for a few dollars. We use them in a pinch.

This year, our large amount of feedback necessitated something a bit more accurate.

We ordered Clarostat Series 381 100K pots from Digikey here.


I agree, the radio shack pots are horrible. Luckilly we are only using these as 3 position switches.

For a nice 10 turn potentiometer we use a Bourns Series 3540/3541 Digi-Key part number 3540S-1-104-ND. Here.

most everything at radioshack is lower quality then you can get anywhere else…
i have found that the small push button switches are especialy bad…something like 1 outa 5 fall apart soon after installation.