Where to purchase spare batteries?

Has anyone had experience purchasing spare batteries of the same make and model that is supplied to us?

If so, could you please direct me to that location.

Much thanks in advance

We have had the same problem. We have one battery that has a dead cell in it so it is useless since it dies right away. That brings us down to 5 which is a good amount but more is better… You should try asking teams who have excessive amounts of batteries if you can buy one…

We have plenty of batteries being in competition for 6 years…

But we would like new batteries, seeing as our last year’s batteries are already starting to see memory effects.

We are also in this quandry.
Note that the battery listed on the spec sheet is ES-18-12 but the one in the kit is EX-18-12
FIRST posted a thread about this and said that the correct one is the EX-18-12 (check the FIRST SITE) and that it is specially made for FIRST and is “deeper cycling” We found ES-18-12 batteries locally (They are UPS batteries for computer systems…) but I cannot find any info on EX-18-12…

We are wondering whether we can use ES-18-12 batteries in competition…or any other battery for that matter…

Everyone seems to be assuming that they can use last year’s batteries but the thread on FIRST was not clear on that point.

We are a ROOKIE team so we don’t have any old batteries anyway but just want to do what’s right

wish I could help further but I don’t have any ideas yet

good luck

Go out to the FIRST Forum and look through all of the questions and replies regarding batteries.

FIRST has worked with EXIDE to design a new battery for these competitions and they feel that these batteries are better than previous ones.

The replies indicate that you will be allowed to use old batteries during practice rounds, but they suggest that you use the new ones during competition matches.

Rule C19 states “… your robot may only be powered by one of the two batteries provided by FIRST”.

While I believe they meant the rule to simply limit use to one battery at a time, the rule can be interpreted to mean that you can only use the batteries that are sent with the kit.

Any thoughts?