Where to purchase Wireless bridge on Robot

We bought a veteran kit for the 2010. However, it doesn’t come with the bridge(WGA600N). So, we tried to find it online to see if we could buy it anywhere else. But all the stores of websites that we found told us that they stop producing the product. I would like to ask if anyone could find the wireless bridge or any similar product that could be used to replace the bridge.

After a quick google search:


Also, you can look here: http://usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/content.aspx?id=452 for the official FIRST Supplier (under section 10, where to get more)

You might look at this new Wireless Bridge from Linksys (WET610N) http://www.linksysbycisco.com/US/en/products/WET610N?lid=LearnMore
It is a dual band Wireless-N Gaming and Video bridge similar to the one from 2009.
You might also want to look at a local BestBuy to see if they still have a (WRT600N) in stock.

All of the suppliers on the list in the Google link above show it as out of stock or discontinued (correct me if that’s wrong.) We got very concerned as we were looking for one, until we finally ran across them at eshop.com. They had recertified units for $36, and had 250 in stock at the time we ordered ours (Wednesday). I see now that they are showing them as out of stock, so I guess we were lucky to get one. I hope others who have not purchased yet find them somewhere. Obviously you can borrow from your 2009 robot, and if you want to keep it operational, find another radio at a later date when the supply & demand is better.

<R58> specifies that a WET610N may be used on the robot, so that is probably the best one to purchase.

Yes, either model is legal for this year. We purchase the new model WET610N for ~$77 from amazon.com

I hav a question about the new model. Is the setting going to be the same as the old one?