where to send control system suggestions for 2013?

Niles District event had great AV, but the screens were parallel to the sides of the field, so it was difficult for drive teams to see the running score. This led to some sub-optimal decisions in end game.

Where do we send the suggestion to incorporate (in 2013) the ability for the driver station to receive running score from the FMS and display it?

Ideas and suggestions for the next years regional should be directed to the Planning committee. If you do not know how to reach them, I would suggest reaching out to your regional contact since they would be able to pass along the message to the correct person.

As for that suggestion I would email my frcteam@usfirst.org and copy my regional contact. That way both parties can pursue it.

Driver Station displaying the score (and possibly time) is a FIRST issue, since it deals with the FMS and the control System.