Where to start?

Last night I was online, reading about, and found a thread on my fav board (macnn) about FIRST.

Sooooo where do I start? I know I have two choices, join a team or make my own (number 2 might have to happen :()

ANYWAY, where shall I start? I’ll be in las vegas in november, so that’s where I’m looking for teams, anyone got hints?

I looked at first’s (usfirst.org)'s site, found 1 school’s team that sounds promising (I might actually go to that school lol.), and etc, but what is there to find out, what do I need to do?

I know it’s also like what… they started the sign-ups for this in september, but will FIRST have the heart to let me in this year?

all I know is i’m excited, and can hardly wait, and here’s why:

For years I’ve been on the nerd side, etc, I’ve been a comp haxie for 5 years (taught myself everything), and looooove mechanics, planning to be an electrical engineer. When I found out, bingo, something I actually like :smiley:

So anyway, maybe I don’t make sense, i just want to know where to start.

Well you’re off to a good start doing your homework and researching. If you’re pretty sure that you’re going to that certain school with team potential, I would try to get in contact with their team leader or advisor and get involved early.

Its awesome that you have all this enthusiasm but its probably easier to join a team and learn the ropes than forming your own team now. Plus, unless you’re a senior, you still have time!

cool, thanks for a bit of advice :slight_smile:

Anyone got more to dish? lol :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


www.usfirst.org the rookie page.

The ASME Guide to Starting A FIRST Team

My former team, Team 116 season schedule. Might give you some idea what to expect.

Also, you can im me if you want to chat.
Weffs11 on AIM
or come chat in #FIRSTrobotics, Java client here


The more the merrier

More fun: I think (70% sure to be exact) that clark county is a closed district.

Which means I won’t be going to a school where they have a team.

Even stranger, the one I was considering is part of a group, which means, well, lol, that they probably do other things (Science group?!)

And there’s no page for this year, no info, etc, so I have my doubts :’(

shrug I guess I’ll be starting my own team, anyone in the las vegas area, please let me know if you’re interested!!!