Where to View 2007 Kickoff Video Online?

Hell all, and welcome to another season of FIRST! Unfortunately I was unable to make it to the kickoff, but I have access to the internet. An archive of the kickoff should be available, but I haven’t found a download link yet…

Any suggestions?

View the Web cast of the Kickoff - NASA will offer the Kickoff live from 10am - noon EST. The Web cast will also be archived.

Please post updates to this thread as videos become available…

Good Luck in 2007!

the video is up on nasa’s website http://robotics.arc.nasa.gov/events/2007_kickoff.php


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the video is up on nasa’s website NASA Robotics - Events : FIRST

:ahh: Ive been trying for many hours to get on this website and download the annimation, but even when I have managed to get get on and get a file to start saving, it fails partially through. I have tried on multiple computers, and at many different times.

Are there any mirror sites, or has anyone posted the annimations legally anywhere else?

I’m looking for a file that I can show on a big screen tomorrow, and the file at “the site that shall not be named” is very low res and pixilated.

I need some help from the rocket scientists :ahh:


Backstage at the kickoff event.
Hands on with the field elements.

Which one do you want?


Edit: Here are links to the large movies: http://kevin.org/frc/RackNRoll.Lrg.mov.zip & http://kevin.org/frc/RackNRoll.Lrg.wmv.zip

That’s a podcast from manchester at the kickoff event. I already downloaded it.
Some usefull stuff to show, but no annimation, unless it’s hidden somewhere else on the site.
Any other ideas?:confused:

The Large Windows Media
Mark A

Thanks! It worked perfectly this time
Rocket scientists are the best!!!
Now I can finally go to bed knowing I’m prepared.
It’s way to late here on the east coast to still be doing this. Especially on the first day!
Thanks Again
Mark A

Cool. Have fun.


@Kevin: Im curiuos as to how you are allowed to mirror the videos but other people can not. Who did you have to contact to get that permission?

Beats me. I can’t imagine Dave would have a problem with it, so why would anyone else have a problem?


Wow, Good idea!

I think that the problem with the video that was removed from the posts above, was that it was part of the actuall kickoff video, not just the annimation and therefore is copyrited by the production company.
I’m just really glad I was finally able to get the file I needed.
Maybe next year First/NASA could set up some mirror sites in advance to help with all the traffic. This thing just keeps getting bigger!