Where to watch Giants vs. Saints in NH? (Was: nh question)

I am headed up to the kick off in nh. I was wondering where i can watch the gaints game there. I know its going to be a pain because its on the nfl network. But it worth finding a place to see the gaints take away the perfect season.:yikes:

The NFL network has agreed to show the game on regular TV so it shouldn’t be a problem to find it.

Rejoice! The NFL has come to its senses and is allowing NBC and CBS to simulcast the game nationwide. Spread the Good News

Any sports bar should carry NFL Network, even if it wasn’t being picked up by your local cable provider.

It’ll be on CBS and NBC along with the NFL network.

umm- wrong week guy. The game is THIS Saturday.

Also, the game will be locally broadcast on WCVB, the Boston ABC affilliate. In the greater Manchester area, this is channel 5.

I’m pretty new to the ManchVegas area, but I’ll give you what very few pointers I have.

  • Elm street is where the bars and restaurants congregate. Get off 293 at exit 5, go right across the river, and turn left when you see the Arena.

  • JW Hills is a sports bar just a few blocks north of the Arena. Food is so-so, but it is a safe bet that any game will be playing.

  • Strange Brew is just off of Elm, but check the map first. It usually has live blues music playing, with assorted sports playing on TVs scattered throughout.

  • Murphy’s is currently in possession of zero love of mine. I do not recommend it.

  • I haven’t tried the Black Brimmer, let me know if you try it.

  • A quick google maps search turned up a dozen more options, take your pick!


see if Dean might have it lol

Dean is probably the last guy you’d find watching a football game :rolleyes:

y is this? I am sure he likes a good game just like anyone else.

He hates sports.

This is did not know. I have never heard him say this. What i do know is he does not like people getting paid millions to throw a ball, while people that change man kind get a pat on the back.

Maybe he doesn’t dislike them. Everything I’ve heard him say about sports in his speeches leads me to believe that he doesn’t like them, though.