Where your team is shooting from

Based on what I’ve been seeing from other topics, it seems as though there is a wide variety of locations people are going to be shooting from. As a driver, I want to better understand the flow and traffic of the field, and part of that is knowing where teams will be traveling to. If there is a location that your team is planning to shoot from not in the poll leave it down below and I’ll add it as soon as possible.

Thanks, Liam

  • Flush with Power Port
  • Initiation Line
  • Shield Genarator Area
  • Inside Trench
  • Behind the Control Panel

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Really need an option for all of the above. Hopefully, we will be able to shoot from all those locations, and adjust our strategy depending upon alliance members and what defense is being played.


I’ve tried multiple times and it keeps telling me I can’t change the poll after the first 5 mins, any advise

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Sorry, it won’t let me. I guess just vote for where you would shoot from if you were on a field by yourself.

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