Where's Daniel?

Posted by Fran .

Other on team #166, Team Merrimack, from Merrimack High School and Unitrode/R.S. Machines.

Posted on 10/4/99 6:43 AM MST

So does anyone else miss Daniel’s contributions…they always seemed to stir up this board. I know he went to college
and manged to get them to start a team but I was hoping he would find time to get everyone riled up…hopefully
he will find time in his busty college life to visit us again.

Team 166

Posted by Daniel.

Coach on team (working on the name) from Berkeley High School sponsored by (working on the sponsor, too).

Posted on 10/4/99 2:53 PM MST

In Reply to: Where’s Daniel? posted by Fran on 10/4/99 6:43 AM MST:

It’s funny I should pick today to start reading the forums again… =)

I’ll give you guys an update on my new team. We split up into groups today to design robots for last years competition, next week we’re gonna show off some of YOUR designs, along with what made those designs as great as they were in competition. The students can then compare their designs with those found in Florida; this should give them a pretty good idea of the process. At the same time, we’ve been working on fundraising and finding a place to work. Hopefully we’ll have money soon…but we definitely have a LOT of work ahead of us. We managed to dig up a team of 22 high school students of which approximately 1/3 is female. We were VERY close to not having a team this year, but we pulled together at the last minute and finally have enough students to do this thing with.


I’ll see you all in Florida!!!


= = = = = = =
PS - all you HS kids out there have a lot to look forward to in college…I’m having the time of my life!

Posted by Joe Johnson.   [PICTURE: SAME | NEW | HELP]

Engineer on team #47, Chief Delphi, from Pontiac Central High School and Delphi Automotive Systems.

Posted on 10/4/99 5:58 PM MST

In Reply to: Here’s Daniel! posted by Daniel on 10/4/99 2:53 PM MST:


Great job forming a team at Berkeley.

By the way, have you managed to dig up Colby Bellew, former Chief Delphi Team member and now Ph.D. candidate in MEMS?

No doubt he is busy, but he would be a great addition to any team for whatever time he could spare.

Wouldn’t hurt to ask if you haven’t already.

Joe J.

Posted by Daniel.

Coach on team (working on the name) from Berkeley High School sponsored by (working on the sponsor, too).

Posted on 10/4/99 8:15 PM MST

In Reply to: and Colby? posted by Joe Johnson on 10/4/99 5:58 PM MST:


As you had suggested, I contacted Colby late last year. He’s on our mailing list and our roster, but other than that I don’t know that he exists. So…he must be very busy. We’ll see if we can’t suck him in though.

Thanks for the suggestion!