Wheres Our Kit!?!?!

Anyone else not get thier kits yet that had to get them shipped?! We still havent, we have lost 2 days already!!!

it’s prolly the same place where half of our pnumatics equipment is… grrrrrr

those dang sock-elves got tired with raiding people’s laundry… now they’re after us! well, let’s show them! to arms, men!

sorry… trying to add a bit of levity…

don’t sweat it too much… 212 always puts out quality 'bots, so i’m sure you’ll do fine. try to do some design and build a field while you wait… it should get there soon enough.

Get your field built and buy some bins! It will let you brainstorm and get ideas.

Hehe, yeah, we were missing a whole stack of fun from out kit.

Sounds like this is “the best kit ever” … as long as you get it :smiley: j/k

Also I think teams have been missing A LOT of their equipment that was supposed to come in the kit. Oh well, guess we’ll either have to wait or buy them separately. It’s a cool kit though with drill motor mounts premade and all the other things.

well it didnt come today and we called FIRST and they said that they had some serious shipping issues with FedEx and that we should recieve our kits by thursday! its hard to plan specifics of what to build when you dont know what you are buliding it with! i know what things look like, but i havent gotten to hold or see them yet this year.