Where's the 2008-2009 Site Competition?

Hey, it’s October, and our team had our first meeting today. Where is the website competition? :confused:

Oh well. I guess I’ll wait a month or so.

Typically if you have your team’s website listed in TIMS (Team Information Management System) you are automatially eligible for consideration for the award.
Details about the requirements (which don’t change much year to year) are generally found in the big 'ol official manual which will be released on January 3rd, 2009.

Make sure you have the site listed in TIMS now, & you’re golden.

Sorry Elgin. But this is wrong.

The website award is normally due around shipdate. It varies from year to year but if I recall correctly, it is a few days after, along with the Chairmans award.

You have to submit your website online, at www.firstawards.org but I don’t know if it is currently open for submission. The events you are registered at will be the events the website is submitted to (except for Championship, only the website winners from the regionals move to that pool). Judges from each regional judge the site off information from the manual. Last year, it was Section 5, Page 16. (Scary, I knew that from memory). But the rules may change from year to year.

Seconded – As a Team Website guy, and in charge of submitting all awards, that’s exactly right, TIMS has nothing to do with the website award.

Thirded – also as a team website fellow, you regester the website online at the website (www.firstawards.org). If I remember correctly last year the registration opened up during the middle of build season, I think the second or third week of build season.

My bad! :o lol

This will be our first year to submit a website. Are there any date requirements on when the work on it can be done? We need something now to facilitate communication now, but the kids were wondering if there was a problem with turning it on before kickoff. Or do we use last year’s until kickoff ?


Sorry, but Elgin is wrong!!! Wait, he already knows?


There’s no date requirements, per se. You must **submit **it by a certain time, though that doesn’t mean you can’t work on it. BUT, after the deadline, they may look at your site at any time, so if you accidentally break it and they decide to view it on that day, you could be up the creek without a cellphone.

So basically, you can setup whichever one you want to use right now. Personally, I’d put the one for submission up, so you can have time to tweak it, and whatnot.

btw, post a link if you can, we’d love to see it!