Where's the Logo?

The game logo can usually be found here
But it isn’t there for the 2006 game AIM HIGH :ahh:, i wanted it too. Anybody know anywhere else to get it until that page is updated? :confused:

Hm, I wonder where it could be, I want it too!!
I will keep my eyes open for it!

Yeah… it would look really nice on the front of my FIRST binder, which happens to be the heaviest thing in my book bag right now after printing 150 pages. I hope they put it up soon.

Oh where oh where could our logo be?

lol, I’m looking for it too!

I printed everything on the Dcouments and update page including all the spec sheets. Printed on both sides of each paper. Then put all the pages in plastic cover thingies. Then i put the colorful tabs on it. 4" Binder (make sure there was room for the updates). Now all i need is the logo.

I make a binder every year for our team. They use it a lot.

Also anyone find the Game animation? Still havent found the Logo.

what i did was i got the animation from this years game, and prt screened it, its the easiest way i thought of doing it


3 sizes of the game animation, plus the entire kickoff webcast video. Enjoy.

Hey thanks… I think until they release the officil logo i will just take the frame out of the video.

Check here for a medium-resolution version of the Aim High artwork. This should do for what you need. FIRST will be releasing an official high-res version of the art (done by Joe Hannaford) soon.


Thanks Dave, your awesome :wink:

Here you go :wink:



That has to be the funniest thing i have seen so far this season. Sigh, to bad we can’t put images in the random qoute system.

Yay! Dave’s the best!!

Uhh… no?

EDIT: Oh, I get it now. ok… w0w. Funny stuff… I’m just a little slow.

My brain is about as full as the ChiefDelphi servers have been lately with all the info from the past few days jammed in there.

Horray for my first day of work in the morning too. :eek:

Thanks Dave, for both a great game and the cover page!

Yeah…Thanx Dave for all the sleepless nites I’ve had already and all the ones I will have! :smiley:
oh and TY for the pic…

I like his avatar better :slight_smile:

Thanks Dave, it’ll look great on my rule encyclopedia. I swear, my printer got some serious abuse Saturday morning.

hmmm wonder if they are going to go back to the black crew shirts to save on shirt-printing costs?


I’m using it on a shirt by the way…if that’s all cool. I have a graphics Design project to make a t-shirt. so thanx again.