Wheres the rest of the Oregon state fair match videos?

I’ve been stalking the first Washington YouTube channel for the past 2 days but it seems like they stopped uploading somewhere near q30. Does anyone know what’s the hold up on the rest?

FIRSTWA hosts all match video on the same Youtube channel. This year, it seems that Youtube is re-enforcing its normal 100 video upload limit for the channel, meaning that it can very quickly max out on the amount of videos it can post per day. I expect this to be the issue for both OSF and Sammamish, and they will likely trickle onto the channel during the week.


sammamish finished uploading everything three days ago, so the 100 video per day limit isn’t a limit anymore. is it possible they just lost the footage?

Possible, but its also possible that since OSF ended nobody has gone into the case with all the AV equipment.

I had another volunteer ask one of the higher ups, and confirmed the footage was recorded. It will likely be uploaded next week, I would assume during load in for DCMP.

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It is all there sitting in the Fieldhouse in Red 59. Unfortunately the volunteer that normally does that had to go out of town to run his business. It is possible that they will get uploaded on, Mon but since we have to have everything packed back on to trailers by 1pm Tue I’d say that is unlikely and unfortunately it will probably have to wait until after DCMP.


Over the past couple days, many (all?) of the videos from OSF have been uploaded to the FIRST Washington YouTube channel.

For example:

(edited to fix, accidentally pulled an Auburn video)

Big thanks go to the volunteer, who spends extra time outside of events at the fieldhouse to get content uploaded before the trucks are repacked.

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Outside of this district and not totally relevant but I’m a little saddened at how SoCal first lacks so many match videos this year. We went to San Diego and Ventura, both are missing quite a few (Ventura is missing around 30 quals, San Diego is missing 25 quals and all of playoffs). I really I wish I had a few of those videos. Oh well

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