Where's the team light?

We have searched everywhere and can’t find our team light (multi-color LED for competition.
We noticed it is not listed in the kit of parts. Did they ship one with the kit?
If so, where was it?
Can I get one at the competition and install it there?


led is not used this year. instead you use the allen-bradley orange light with you have to wire up.it can be found here http://www2.usfirst.org/2007comp/other/2007_ROBOT_SIGNAL_LIGHT_R1.pdf

Also, look in the robot section of the manual and please note your flag holder you have to construct and mount on your robot…

NOTE: A flag is not included in the kit, but will be provided for you to borrow to display your team color at the events every match.

Although you could build one for practice if you like–they give enough info to do that.

Thanks everyone for your help. Now if only I can get back into the school to retrieve it!

We may be mounting it at the competition after all!