Which 2019 event had the best camera views?

I vote New England District Champs. It was an angled overhead view that didn’t get switched periodically. Overhead allowed you to see the entire field and didnt require other cameras to show it.

Edit: This is biased to the livestreams i have watched.


Top down views are always great, especially for Drive Team. ; )
I haven’t seen NE but I like Orlando’s(cuz I went there).


no lol. Topdowns are nice, but if you cant read the numbers then the view is useless.

The ONT Provisional champs had 4 streams, each with a different set of cameras all at 1080p50 showing different parts of the field, a full field, and one with all 3 and a bit more. A complete 180 for past years and the care in their AV has really paid off.

The ESPN coverage of MSC hasnt been bad either, especially considering its ESPN.


PNW district events were great considering they were are districts. Then again i am biased.

Full disclosure: I helped run all the oregon AV and AV at PNWDCMP

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I like the streams that offer multiple views. Top down is really good if you want to look at a team’s performance without constantly changing views and possibly missing out on scored game pieces.

Mainly why i didnt say anything out PNW either. PNW is obviously top notch, but i also helped run 3 events.

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PNW was by far the best with camera, announcers a bit over the top

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A prime example of PNW announcers going over the top :slight_smile:


North Carolina District Championship has been my favorite when pre-scouting some South Champs teams the past few days.

But is this a problem?!?!?

Mid-Atlantic was very good.


Also which way is better, when there is just one view of the whole field or when they switch views to highlight differences robots

The PNW under cargo ship camera that showed the alliance HAB was really cool.


My favorite was ONT champs. The 4 streams let you see everything.


Hartford was excellent

The events in FiM that ESPN covered (Forest Hills and FiMSteins) had very good camera angles. They typically showed each side of the field in a relatively fixed angle, then had smaller views above that zoomed in our certain bots. They did a fantastic job of showing up close shots without missing any action.

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I agree. Ontario streams were, in my opinion, the best, especially Durham College’s Districts.

I’ll definitely look into ONT.

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I may be slightly biased, but I thought FiT had pretty good camera angles:

Never it keeps me humored so I like it :):smiley:

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