Which 3 robots would form the most overpowered alliance?

I’d love to hear what you guys think

Pending 1678, but going off of their teaser…

148, 1114, 1678

148 stacks from the feeder, 1114 stacks from the landfill, 1678 grabs all the recycle bins off of the step.

This. Or 148 + 1114 + whoever is the fastest 4 RC grabber. Just saw 1114 make 3 capped landfill stacks solo. 148 can usually manage 3-4 capped stacks from feeder. If that alliance just goes 3 for 4 on the center RCs, the other side is doomed. I think the other side is doomed even if that alliance splits the center RCs. (literally or figuratively)

Mind you, there’s probably several other bots out there that will pair as well with 148. So, basically, 148 in your division at Champs is a strong argument for designing the fastest, strongest 4RC bot you can, regardless of whether or not it does anything else.

My suspicion is that if an RC-grabber can’t get their RCs off the step in 0.25-1.0s, then there’s almost no point in even trying at the ‘Einstein’ level of play.

Accordingly, the best alliance will need to get as many RCs as they can in the first second… 1678 is likely to come up with a super-fast approach (perhaps only 2 RCs instead of all 4, though?), but until they do, I think you need to slot a different team in for RC-grabbing.

If the fastest RC grabbers can only get 2 RCs each, then you’ll really want 2 on an alliance… obviously they’d need to be highly capable at stacking and/or RC-placing during teleop too though… otherwise you’ll only end up with 2-4 stacks and it will have hardly mattered that you limited the opposition to 3 RCs.

148, 987, “4 bin grabber”

The 28pt auto from 987/148 is still good, 148 will clear the alliance station along with the 3rd bot and 987 can clear the landfill as fast as anyone.

Except 1114… they seem to be consistently doing 2-3 6-stacks with RCs from the landfill.

As of right now? 1114-148-118
However this can change over the coming weeks as teams get faster and faster step-can-grabbers. #minibotRace

Those combinations are… frightening. Thinking about the, I am thankful that there are 8 divisions at champs instead of 4 - minimizing the chances that we have to actually face such… nastiness. :slight_smile:

I’m really starting to think you need a pair of 2-bin grabbers, instead of 1 4-bin grabber. It’s just an issue of speed - you can’t get them fast enough (<1 sec) with a 4 grabber.

I really don’t like this game mechanic.

I actually think that this adds a great dynamic to the game. Do you want to guarantee yourself 2? Would you rather try to get all 4? It’s a very interesting strategy question.

Is that not what 987 did?

Alberta Tech Alliance (4334) could be really valuable for a landfill stacker because of their ability to flip upside down totes. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see them be a strong 3rd pick for an extremely strong alliance. Quality robot, they have indeed.

It’s kind of early to call a winner of the landfill stackers, but from the video of seen of 987’s elims and 1114’s early qual matches, 1114’s consistently doing 2.5-3.2 6-stacks with RC from the landfill, while 987 was consistently doing 1.75-2.2 6-stacks with RC from the landfill. I think 987 will improve more though, as it seems like they spent a fair bit of time fussing around with RCs… either taking a while to get them or being a team-player by moving one over for 148 to use.

987’s auto is more capable and reliable so far… but the only team that can stack game pieces as fast as 1114 is 148… and 148 only does so by multi-tasking.

My ‘criticism’ of these top teams isn’t meant to be critical-sounding… any of them so thoroughly out-pace my team it’s really not even funny. We could consistently do 3 stacks of 4 totes (no RC!) in elims at Week 1… very good, but no where even close to those levels.

Optimus Prime, Wall-E, C3-PO hands down

going to call it at 148, 1114, and Ill get back to you when I review all the 4 bin step auto footage.

Well if/when the cans get ripped apart on Einstein to contribute a whopping zero points, the alliances can just offload their third robot, the RC grabber, and just play with two on the biggest stage in FIRST.

gg GDC

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I’m thinking 1114 + 148 + ludicrous speed 2 RC bot
An auto, 148 can do a 3 tote auto (assuming they can get that working), and 1114 can try for a third RC, because I know they have some grabbing mechanism.
I saw it in the GTR practice matches, but I don’t know how fast it is.

From what I’ve seen, 3130/525/4215 averaged over 100 together. I feel like they should be taken into account.

1114 is averaging more than 100 on their own.

Welp. My bad. That’s a lot more OP than what I had lined up.

We still haven’t seen the best of 148, so they’re my #1 pick.

As of now, 1114 is the top landfill, so they’re my #2 pick. knowing them, they will be able to grab 2 bins by champs, and it will likely be fast.

The bin grabber I want necessarily must be the fastest. the best 4 bin grabber i’ve seen so far was 2848, but even if they were as fast as 3310 or 118, both of the latter teams were grabbing the side 2 bins and that torque on 2848’s bot would have been… interesting.

as long as a 2 bin grabber is as fast as a 4 bin and can grab the 2 on the side, the #1 alliance will be fine.

I think champs winner will have 2 bots grabbing 2 totes each.

In STL I think there will be a lot of unveiling of withholding allowance ramps and bin grabbers.