Which aspect of FIRST gives you the most inspiration?

I was talking about FIRST with a friend, and the age-old discussion of the I in FIRST came up. So, I was inspired (;)) to ask:

What part of FIRST most inspires you?

Is it the competition itself? Do you want to win more than anything? Do you feel less inspired if you don’t go home with an award?

Is it the traveling? Are the bus and plane rides to cool places worth more than how you actually do at the events? Is it worth it all just for the trips to the amusement parks?

Is it the people? Are your friends and teammates what inspire you? Do you love the competitions mostly because you get to see people in person that you only get to talk to most of the year?

Is it the robot? Are you most inspired by starting a project from scratch and seeing it to completion? Is seeing your designs and ideas in action what drives you forward?

There is no right answer, and I’m sure each of us are inspired by each of these things in some way. The question is simply which one most inspires you.

/Edit/ Forgot to add the poll… oops ;-]

The part that I think is most inspiring is the students being able to work hand in hand with the people who they aspire to be like within a few years. The students not only get to work with those who practice their future careers, but also get to formulate friendships with them. I don’t think that the most inspirational part of FIRST has anything to do with the competition, the robot or anything similar. It’s about the people, and I hope that it always will be.

I think it will be very hard to find one aspect of FIRST which doesn’t inspire us.

… That being said, I always look forward to seeing my friends/mentors/gurus all over again… at the same time, it feels good when I see a team working together and coming up with a machine that does what it needs to do out on the field. Competitions get me hyped too. I don’t get upset if we don’t win any award.

George … how about an option that says “All of the Above?” :slight_smile:

I agree completely, the most inpiring part of FIRST for me is building the people along with the robot. The robot is cool, but the people have much more potential.

btw arefin, I notice that we’ve been on two of the same teams. nice.

The competitions are great and fun, if you win an award or do well, it inspires to try to do more and continue forth, I dont think that the competitions are the main part of the inspiration though, I think it is nice though to be able to see what others come up with from the same idea.

The travelling is an awesome experience [if you get along with your team mind you] I remember fun 3 or 5 hour car/bus rides to competitions this year, so many inside jokes and so many laughs, it was a good bonding experience – but I dont feel this was “inspiration” either.

The people in FIRST are amazing in my eyes. They accomplish so much and I think they are a huge part of the inspiration in FIRST. The mentors show you what you can do with your life, that some things are possible.

Yes, it is also nice to meet people at the competitions, many of the friends I have made in FIRST are so different than the people in my general area. It is nice to find people that are actually like me for once!

I think the robot does help to inspire. Making an idea, or something drawn out on paper “come to life” is amazing, its not an everyday task for many students. It also shows that some things really can be done. And you dont have to be “an adult” to do it.

I think that FIRST in general shows that if you put your mind towards something, that just about anything can be done. And that is a good message.

So, to your last question, it is hard to choose which actually does inspire me most. But I think I would have to say for me, its the people.

I think the robot is the thing that inspires me the most. Going from “Lets try to do this” and then seeing it actually do that is amazing. The awards are fun too, but all those are just positive reinforcement.

George this is a very interesting topic you brought up. :slight_smile:

The most I think overall if I had to choose would be the people for me personally. I’ve met so many great people here and I’ll never forget what I’ve learned from them. Everyone here inspires each other and helps them out. That’s why FIRST is amazing.

But of course every other aspect with the building of the robot, competition, traveling and all… bring it all together and make it better. We have a goal, the spirit to fight, and the help to guide us and of course all the fun times in between. I can understand why some will say the robot b/c it does bring people together especially the team. It is what they all though up of and slaved away at. But you can’t talk one element away. It just wouldn’t be FIRST. :slight_smile:

So it’s hard to say which is the most inspiration, if i didn’t have to choose one aspect I would have to say it all. FIRST overall with it’s total package and experience is just amazing. I’m glad I found this crazy amazing world of FIRST. It’s full of talent, fun and inspiration.

well that was my 2 cents in… I’m glad though FIRST is an inspiration for all of us. It can bring the very best in all of us.

For me, it’s the people. My parents and boyfriend (who is a former FIRSTer) ask me constantly why I still volunteer and why I’m still involved even though I’m well into my college years (graduating next June!). The most true answer I think I ever came up with was when I’m volunteering at a regional, and I see the looks on everyone’s faces during the awards ceremonies both days, regardless of whether their team won an award or not. There’s just a feeling there that I haven’t experienced anywhere else, and it just keeps me coming back for more. That and the awesome people I’ve met along the way the past 6 years.

I’m inspired by the people (I can never figure out the robot thing!). To be given the opportunity to watch students grow is amazing. Where else can you get so excited and so frustrated with people and still want to come back year after year to participate?

without them, the event venues would be empty
without them, no robot would get built
and travelling alone is potentially cool, but not necessarily inspiring

its gotta be the people. I’ve met so many amazing people, and ive learned so much through them, 2 being Wayne Cokeley and Paul Kloberg. They are the reason I stick around…

Yes, definitely the people, but then again we need robots to drive the people :slight_smile:

If it weren’t for the people, I’d still be sitting with my team seeing this as only a competition, I would never even realize what FIRST is all about.

The people here provide help, entertainment, support and challenges – it’s like the real world but kinder and happier.

The other components are, no doubt, integral but without the great network we have developed in FIRST, that passion that keeps us going will eventually vanish.

–solely my opinion–

I would have to say that building and maintaining the robot does inspire me quite a bit, but its probably the people who inspire me more, wether it be the mentors, peers, teachers, or people from different teams helping others, theres just something in all the action that makes me want to go back to be part of this group

well, thats my 2 cents at least :-\

Besides the existence of it, the people involved with FIRST are the biggest inspiration. Being in it for 2 years, the variety of types is the biggest shock. People who you think wouldn’t even be involved are (and in some cases its also the other way around). Then comes the best moments where you meet someone that will change the way you look at a particular thing significantly.

If you think about inspiration as sort of a spectrum, in FIRST it’s very full. The robotics, strategics, and technology make up the higher wavelengths, the adrenaline of competition the midband, and the low frequencies that pull at the heart, well that’s the people.

The people of FIRST are what really makes it for most people, I think. I know on our team, everyone has at least one mentor that they are very close to, regardless if that person is on our animation, robot build, or Chairman’s group. There are many of our students and alumni who keep in contact with mentors over the off-season and after graduation. Without these mentors, many students would not be at college or in the jobs they hold today.

Though my experience with past clubs and teams in the field of science and technology was indeed a fun time, I must say that there’s something different about FIRSTers. FIRSTers always seem to have a passionate spirit for what they do that cannot be suppressed, be it in competition or in the hallways of a high school.

Through FIRST, I became a more outgoing person. My teammates, teachers, and mentors encouraged me in my rookie year (and following years) to step up with any ideas all the time, and to say what was on my mind - and that positive way of doing things eventually rubbed off on the rest of my life. In that manner, they inspired me to be the person I really was.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet and befriend so many diverse people through these forums - and hearing about all the knowledge they’ve gained and all the good experiences they’ve had also inspires me. The CD members inspire me to open up my mind and to learn something new every day.

Yep, I have to say that although everything about FIRST inspires me in some manner, the people have definitely had the greatest impact.

Definetly the people in First are to be the most inspiring. There are so many people in FIRST that care so much and absoultely love what they are doing which is really insprining. I have never seen so much spirit in anything other than in FIRST. Mentors, engineers, techers, parents, the kids are all inspiring in FIRST.

People are the most inspirational part for me. Going to the regionals and then the Championship was exciting, and the reason that i joined my team was only to build a robot because I wanted a hobbie. Just all the passion that the teams put into FIRST is amazing by itself. Next year I know that I will be joining because of the people. I got friends to meet next year and all the stuff that goes on at the hotels and during the build season keeps a smile on my face 24/7. Seeing everyone during a match cheering on thier team is the best part because I get to see people like me. I know when I get older I will find a team I could be a mentor on or find a regional to help out at.