Which CD'ers will be at your regional?

I’ve recently been looking foward to meeting some CD people at the upcoming competitions, and realized I didn’t know who was going. I knew from the FIRST site which teams were going where, and I knew I could search on chiefdelphi for what users are on what teams, so why not put 2 and 2 together. Well, below is the result of about 700 manhours that our freshman put in doing these searches and… :wink:

Actually, these lists came to be through the magic of Perl, and while I realize that brandon probably could have done this much easier from his vantage point I figured it’d be best not to bother him. (Side Note: I put a 5 second delay between requests to the CD server, hope I didn’t cause any problems)

I’m aware this makes various assumptions, and I don’t provide any garuntee at all. For all you know, I made this up. This is just a little hack I thought I’d share.



Now this is useful! Thanks for the great resource!

I hate to say it, but it’s only as up to date as peoples’ profiles are… Some of these people haven’t been active in a long time, and others have left their teams and not changed their CD account to reflect so. Maybe a form of this where we sign up for the events we’re attending would be better? Other than that, I think this is great.

Just going to say the same thing… I’m not on a team but will be going to regionals, so naturally Im not going to show up, and there’s plenty of others like me.

Right now, I’m “going” to SVR and Sacramento, according to your list.

This is awesome… what a great idea. Pity I only recognize a couple of names at Sacramento. Will you do the same once the list for nationals is finalized? That’s the only chance that we west-coast folk have for meeting the big east-coast names.

Half the people listed on our team are graduated seniors who only joined here mostly for our contreversial scouting purposes (which will not happen again).

Still, I’m going to drag a copy along to my regionals. Good work Prontist! :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m aware it’s only as up to date as the profiles, but keep in mind they are listed in order of postcount, so the people at the top of the lists are most likely going to be there, and no one is listed who hasn’t posted in the last year.

It’s a nice idea, but honestly the way to get the most accurate count of who will be at what regional is to start a thread like this: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=27411

I’m an alum of 93, so I won’t be going to the ame competitions they’re going to. I might pop up at Midwest, Boilermaker or Western Michigan … but that’ll be decided about a week before the competition happens!!

Regardless, good thought - and thanks for putting in the time to do this!


I was just thinking it wouldn’t be to hard to have a version with user images… so you could spot people at competitions… any thoughts?

I would have to lookup all the user numbers, which is fairly low bandwidth, but I can’t just embedded images hosted on CD, so I’d have to copy them all… which would probably be too much bandwidth wise even if I had long delays between requests.

Probably not…

Sounds good. Is there a way to change locations for some people? I am volunteering at different regionals and not going to all the same regionals as my team.

Great Job :slight_smile:

Same here. 47 will be in Detroit competing, but I have to … err … Slash … Boilermaker … Rock n’ Roll.

Nice project, but ultimately not very useful. I counted 14 people on the list for 116 that will not be at Annapolis. I will be at VCU and Annapolis but show up nowhere. Much more useful would be to set up something that people could input what regionals they are going to and generate a list from that.

For a bigger example :rolleyes: , Dave Lavery will be at many regionals that 116 is not at.


It’ll be running before kickoff.

I thought that you had a really good idea in doing this since it gives CDers an idea of who could be there, regardless of who will acutally show up. It gives everyone a chance to contact other people and say “hey, I saw your team’s going to so and so regional, are you?”
Good job!

I applaud your efforts!

I feel a more up to date record should be started. Many of the names for Team 64 have graduated and will not be at all our regionals. I also like the idea of some form of CD ID. It could be a great fund raiser for CD. I would be willing to pay a nominal fee for the ID.

I will be at the following Regionals:

Arizona, Colorado, Las Vegas, and hopefully Nationals.


Wow, sweet mother… how long did that take you, or did you write some softwarte to do it for you!? Oh yeah - I’ll be at Buckeye regional in Cleveland, maybe Pittsburgh or Detroit also. If we have the same team uniform as last year (most likely), I’ll be wearing a bright orange t-shirt. 1418 wasn’t at buckeye last year, where are you from?

an idea would be to be really nice and see if you could somehow use the chiefdelphi logins to let people say they won’t be at the regional and somehow stop it. or even a bit in the profile where you choose where you are going and can add as many as possible

I was thinking of making a shirt for myself with my name on it next to two red boxes.

But how will that help if most of the people listed are inactive people who have moved on and don’t really care about ChiefDelphi?

Greg Ross had a great idea last season or the season before; he made his own nametag, based on the avatar, who-am-i and username block above each of his posts.