Which CD'ers will be at your regional?

is this a list of only people who have posted ?? because for my old team, there are 3 people registered on cd, but only one on your list.

I think there should be a simple submission system. Something that will let Phrontist be able to manage it without having to spend ages on it. The system he has right now took a lot of effort I think :wink: let’s give him some rest. I think the people that would like to see what’s going on would have no problems taking a moment to submit.

I might be able to write a script that can handle an input form, and I’m sure I can convince my cohort (Texan) to write some PHP to output a CSV from the form data. :smiley:

Hey guys,

Here is the deal, most of your questions are answered if you bother to read what is on the website. No, I did not do this by hand. It was a program, that took like, 5 minutes to write and several hours to run (to spare Brandon’s bandwidth).

I’m writing a system right now that will allow people to report which regionals they are going to by sending a private message to a special CD username. Cool huh? This helps in many ways, because it proves that you are who you say you are and requires no work on Brandon’s part. I’m planning on writing it later tonight, but I’ve got a strange group of people badgering me to fill out all this arcane paperwork. And the state is paying them! I swear, it’s a huge conspiracy! They call themselves “teechurs” and they act like they own our robotics building. Really trippy.

Rastafari saying…

Soon come man, soon come.

wow, this is really nice! It was also pretty interesting to see who were more active teams. It seems that some teams have every member posting on CD :ahh:

Hours? Good heavens, did you get every profile page or just do something like “curl “http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/memberlist.php?&order=asc&sort=field5&pp=100&page=[0-67]” -o “#1.html””?

well this is way cool–thanks for doing this

well i have to say though the 180 list is sorta inaccurate though-- cause of members who aren’t on the team anymore–all well

cya around ppl

Not exactly. Want to see the code? Okay, but I’m bloody serious when I say that if I see the bandwidth stats for a single IP jump off the charts, I’ll never do this again. Oh, and bad juju will haunt your every programming attempt this season. Seriously. Bad karma forever.

It’s really a quickie hack, I didn’t even “use strict;” which is a big no no, for you aspiring JAPHs.

Point and laugh here!

Cool, yes. … as long as its not a duplicate user account only for that purpose. I like what you’re doing, but not if it breaks the rules. :wink:

Let me know if you need any help. I can provide XML or CSV for any general data you may need … so you don’t have to parse HTML too much.