Which chain tools can handle 25H chain?


Our REV chain tool is not wide enough to handle our VEX 25H chain. None of the tools seem to list whether they can handle it on their sites. If you have the tools and have used 25H chain in them, please let me know.


I suggest looking at the Vex chain tool to work with Vex chain. Works well for us with 25H chain from Vex.


Same suggestion, the Vex chain tool. Works well for us

Our Rev tool won’t even work with standard #25 chain we have, and Rev Customer Support has been kind of spotty in responding to me about it, so…


Dark Soul chain tool also works on Vex 25H chain.


Dark Soul is made for #25, but after a difficult first pin, you can use it for #25H. Note that once you use the Dark Soul for #25H, you can’t easily use it again for #25. If you look at the stop plate/anvil, you’re likely to find a significant dimple.