Which CHARGED UP robot would be the most comfortable to sleep on?

I’ve been wondering for a fair bit now (about 45 mins), what would be the best robot from this past year to literally sleep on? My opinion is that although 2910’s robot would make a great pillow due to it’s small size, I feel like the ultimate sleep bot could be 9062’s Bryce, because its length and the cube launcher can be used as a back massager or something. Let me know what you think!


Even though it’s not a Charged Up robot :upside_down_face: , my candidate would probably have to be Team AVE’s 2022 minibot, which literally used pillows as bumpers:


I’d say any minibot from this year, just prop it on its side and now you have a (semi) high pillow!


Gonna go with some of the 2007 robots.

Field carpet ain’t bad either.

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Im going to say our robot because we used the small purple mattresses for our claw.

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