which colors?

I did a science fair project a few years ago on which color combinations were the most readable. I can’t find the results, but if I do, I will post them. Let me know what combos you think are great, looks good, and/or are easy on the eyes. I was going to make a poll, but it would be hard to list every possible combination. If everyone could list below a combination that they might use that are easy on the eyes.


yellow on navy blue

If that link does not work (i.e.: the javascript does not work) go to: kohaistyle.com - This website is for sale! - kohaistyle Resources and Information. for the flash version.

Thats a really cool tool. Thanks for linking to it. I always have trouble finding colors.

my favorite:
orange and blue.

You don’t see too many bronco fans from MI !!

bronco’s?? football???
i don’t know about that…

White on green works pretty well too. Always seems to show really well without hurting the eyes.

Red and white. Even color blind people will see it in black and white which is easy to read.

Perhaps you will enjoy our team’s website then!!


And yes, these happen to be two of my favorite colors and color combination as well, and no I am not a Bronco’s fan, but a fan of Hot Wheels!! lol

Blue and white always works well for me.