Which Controller Can we use?

I am not sure where I read this but I think it said something about using the Xbox 360 controller. It is possible to use the PS3 controller?

Which one is easier to program?

Which programming language is easier C or C++?

Plus my team is new to First and the whole Robotics thing is there any tips you guys have for us?:slight_smile:

That site gives the information on the USB chicklet. You can’t use the PS3 controller, and as far as I know, you can only program in C (much easier than C++ IMO).

While I don’t think you could use a PS3 controller (as far as I know, the USB port on it is only for power and doesn’t actually transmit data), I’m pretty sure I’ve seen PS2 controllers used. White paper on it available here.

Thanks for the info people it was really helpful…but then what controlers can be used? Also C is easier than C++ really?

certain DDR pads should work!!:smiley: xbox 360, most new joysticks that i’ve seen, i think something could be rigged to a keyboard or a mouse, but i wouldn’t recommend either.