Which Engineering/Robotics classes does your middle school offer?

The middle schools in our district asked for Engineering/Robotics curriculum recommendations. We created this overview document for them (WIP).

Does your middle school offer engineering classes? What Curriculum are they using?


my middle school offered vex iq to 6th graders and edr 7th and 8th graders, and there was also an additional class that taught arduino.
vex was also split from class and club, where the club actually competed and stuff but the class just gets you to build a working robot and drive it around at the end of the semester.

Also i know a lot of ppl do ftc in MS but idk abt that

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Our middle school just recently adopted a STEM class, which essentially teaches basic engineering (simple coding, concepting, etc,), and goes with the Science and Math classes that the middle school students already take. Consequently, the addition of this class gave us the support and student interest to finally form an FTC team!

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